be transformed by the renewing of your mind

About steven dossou

Steven grew up in a 2 bedroom house with nine siblings. He is known by the state as Komlan Eyram Mensah Dossou and baptized as Steven. As a living testimony of his transformation program destined to create a super human being capable of instantly overcoming fear, self-doubt and low self-esteem, he has recreated a new path by elevating himself from poor binding backgrounds from his country of origin (Togo-West Africa) to leadership and impactful roles on a global platform
Founder of Sail force catalyst, a personal development, empowerment and motivational platform which focuses on how to use emotional intelligence to ignite the transformation of individuals and groups. Sail Force is about unleashing people's emotional strength necessary to the fulfillment of their true potential and the catalysm of their various life and business journeys. He is also fonder of Sail Force Marketing, L.U and may other businesses.
Steven founded sail force after having gone through numerous life challenges from his childhood throughout his adolescence. With a sole purpose to change his circumstances and realize his dreams, he is a powerful speaker, certified life and executive coach and has coached and engaged over thousands people on subjects such as how to become a better version of yourself, activate your potential, the overcoming mindset, sales habits, Impactful leadership, how to bring drastic growth into your business, how to create a high performance culture…etc.
He is viewed by his peers as a charismatic dreamer who undoubtedly believes in unleashing the human potential to brake boundaries and consistently redefine People's limits.


The ability to overcome the three toughest demons ( Fear, Self-doubt and Low self-esteem) of Mankind entirely depends upon our conscious, deliberate choice, a strong and unbreakable willpower to renew your mind ,change the way you think, the way you live, the way you believe, the way you communicate with others, how you handle your daily dealings. Thus transformation means changing your whole lifestyle for good on your own terms. The ten weeks’ program has been put together meticulously by the author based on his real life experiences and some NLP techniques necessary to embark you on a journey destined to provoke immediate change in your desired area of life. This program is intended to: 

 ◆ Make you a super human being free of fear and self-doubt

 ◆ Inculcate in you the qualities of self-confidence, decision making, strategies building, problem-solving, stress management 

 ◆ Bring about the hidden potential in you. 

 ◆ Help you awake, sharpen and polish your abilities

 ◆ Identify your limiting and dis-empowering beliefs 

 ◆ Modify those beliefs with empowering ones 

 ◆ Help you build strategies to tackle your goals and your vision.