I'm on a mission to inspire 150 million youth on the face of Earth. While at it, I want to ensure that the children in Africa are less deprived from basic necessities and mind wealth to dream big and see themselves as they could be, not as they are.

We are all great

It is my firm belief that we are all great. We are designed with inks of success and endowed with the root of greatness. Our challenge however is our environment which leads us to knowing and possessing an understanding of the contrary.

My drive is to bring every youth to a deep understanding that the barrier between our greatness and ourselves is ourselves or rather our minds. We get to truly live that crucial point of realization  when our entire being  embraces that principle and respond to it not as an obligation but rather a way of life.

It's through consistent and infinite reminder by the right people in our lives and an observation of daily tiny blessings that we come to such acceptance. My role is to do so with whatever age group. Even better if we are educated as such from the younger age.

Speaking at the Canggu community school in Bali was one of my best ever experiences. Those children have greatness within them and they are stepping into it.

Treat your fellow as yourself

A quote spoken by a first century Leader which says " Treat your brother the same way you would like to be treated"

If you have unconditional love for yourself then unconditional is what you should have for the neighbor. That does not exclude equal and fair treatment. As one of my core value in life, I want to spray the love and fair treatment to any human being regardless of their race, religion, fate, background, advantages or disadvantages.

When we accept and treat people without prejudice. We receive the treatment back and it has its rippling effect across the board. When we continue in doing so, we create confident, inspiring and well grounded human beings free of self-doubt , self- doubt and Low Self-esteem.


At the beginning was the word...

Words can make or break a Man. Faith and conviction come through hearing the right words. With the right words fed into the mind of a person through hearing, they can do anything beyond and above their wildest imagination.

Through words, people are transformed and are able to access their deepest potential which is sometimes triggered by a just a second of inspiration and mental stimulation. I have spoken to an unbelievable number of crowds and each and every time, people have been triggered into tapping into their potential, their gifts. Soon after a set of actions follow which directs them towards their destiny.

At summits, conferences, schools, organizations, the core of my message remains the same. It echoes the words of Denis Waitley '' Free yourself of negative thoughts or you will be slave of your own-self"

In my words, Free yourself of Fear, Self-doubt and Low self-esteem and the world is yours.


One child fed foundation

I started this foundation along with my siblings so children in West-Africa wouldn't have to live a life of lack and misery. They could become adults who are well grounded to shape the future. We have fed and educated more than 540 children.