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Steven has a unique style of delivery which triggers inspiration and paradigm shifts in the mind of individuals. Nick named "ACTION MEN" Steven delivers a speech which prompt listeners to take actions necessary to the fulfillment of their potential as well as the growth of the organization. Steven spoken alongside some world renowned speakers like Arthur Carmazzi, Itai Manyere, Stephanie Woollard

Some of the topics Steven has spoken about among organizations, close circles, entrepreneurs , groups of people, group coaching sessions etc...

Activate your hidden potential
When Potential dwindles, so is growth of the individual as well as the organizations's. Very few people actually understands the concept of potential and how it can be unleashed to serve the individual's and the collective's purpose.
organisational culture transformation
The culture in the organization is everything. Most of the organizations have a cancer of "Blame culture". Steven is able through his teaching to get people to change their blame and victim mindset to mindset of warriors and game changers thus create a high performing culture.
the art of self-coaching
Steven teaches how to make decisions align with one's life aspirations and the step by steps of how to coach oneself away from limiting beliefs towards beliefs of courage, determination, persistence and achievements.
psychology and habits of great leaders
The capacity to lead ourselves and others is inherent. We tend to lose that second nature as we go through life daily challenges. Through Steven's teachings Leaders get a new dimension about Leaderships, become agents of change and the followers step into their own sense of Leadership.

Steven is the Author of 


The ability to overcome the three toughest demons ( Fear, Self-doubt and Low self-esteem) of Mankind entirely depends upon our conscious, deliberate choice, a strong and unbreakable willpower to renew your mind ,change the way you think, the way you live, the way you believe, the way you communicate with others, how you handle your daily dealings. Thus transformation means changing your whole lifestyle for good on your own terms. The ten weeks’ program has been put together meticulously by the author based on his real life experiences and some NLP techniques necessary to embark you on a journey destined to provoke immediate change in your desired area of life. This program is intended to: 

 ◆ Make you a super human being free of fear and self-doubt

 ◆ Inculcate in you the qualities of self-confidence, decision making, strategies building, problem-solving, stress management 

 ◆ Bring about the hidden potential in you. 

 ◆ Help you awake, sharpen and polish your abilities

 ◆ Identify your limiting and dis-empowering beliefs 

 ◆ Modify those beliefs with empowering ones 

 ◆ Help you build strategies to tackle your goals and your vision.

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